Arnoldshain Seminar XV
“The EU and Latin America Facing Globalization”
September 4 – 6, 2017

Mutascu, Mihai, LEO University of Orléans, A time-frequency analysis of globalization and environmental degradation in France.
The paper explores the causality between globalization and environmental degradation in France, over the period 1960-2013, by using the wavelet tool. The investigation offers detailed information about this interaction, for different sub-periods of time and frequencies. It also reveals the lead-lag nexus between variables under cyclical and anti-cyclical shocks. The findings show that, during the oil crisis and disinflation process, the French exports derived from pollutant capacities at low costs of production. In the same time, the inexistence of strong environmental rules for 'inputs' stimulated also 'contagious unclean' import flows. Separately, the trade openness generates CO2 emissions through the indirect influence of economic growth expansion as scale effect. Fortunately, the effect has a short persistence period, being counted by environmental decentralized policies and international protocols which France became part.