20 Years of Arnoldshain Seminar
“20 Years of Challenges for Integration, Globalization, and Development”
September 14 – 18, 2015
Frankfurt and Arnoldshain / Taunus

 Paper sessions
14-SEP-1509:00 - Diaz Cafferata, Alberto M.Is growth influenced by the terms of trade? Argentina, a case study.
   - Mordecki, GabrielaImpact of real exchange rate volatility on exports: A comparative study 1990-2013
14-SEP-1511:00 - Borraz, FernandoDistance and Political Boundaries: Estimating BorderEffects under Inequality Constraints
   - Zarzosa Valdivia, Fernando EnriqueReal Exchange Rate and Relative Factor Prices: A theoretical view of their interdependences
14-SEP-1514:00 - Abeliansky, Ana LuciaThe impact of 3D printing on trade and FDI
   - Nowak-Lehmann, FelicitasIs Aid for Trade Effective? A Panel-Quantile Regression Approach
   - Nunez, ThaisHow valuable the IEAs can be? The case of trade in hazardous chemicals and persistent organic pollutants
15-SEP-1509:00 - Martinez-Zarzoso, InmaculadaThe Euro Effect on the extensive and intensive margins of trade in intermediate, capital and final goods
   - Peluffo, AdrianaTrade, Firms’ Performance and Labor Markets
15-SEP-1511:00 - Ganame, Maria CeciliaEndogenous protection in imperfect competitive markets: an empirical analysis for countries of Mercosur
   - Pomeranz, LeninaEconomic sanctions as political instrument in international relations. The case of the Russian Federation.
15-SEP-1514:00 - Neder, Ángel EnriqueMonetary Policy in Argentina: Seignorage and Bailey's Curve 2001-2014
   - Recalde, Maria LuisaThe education networks of Latin America. Effects on bilateral trade during and after the cold war.
16-SEP-1509:00 - Aguirre, Basilia Maria BaptistaPublic Expenditure Efficiency on Education an Analysis Sao Paulo State Cities’
   - Dimelis, SophiaAn ARDLapproach to explain income inequality: An analysis of top income hares in Greece
17-SEP-1509:00 - Figueras, Alberto JoséThe linkages between agglomeration and growth. A study for Argentina
   - Suárez, Celestino The Impact of International Fragmentation of Production on Economic Growth in the Western Balkan Countries
17-SEP-1511:00 - Nelli, RosannaThe Coase Theorem
   - Wondrak, CarolaImpacts of demographic changes on German life insurance
17-SEP-1516:30 - Mahoozi, HosniehGender and Spatial Disparity of Multidimensional Poverty in Iran
   - Moncarz, PedroAn ex-ante analysis of the welfare effects of changes in world prices of agricultural commodities: the case of Uruguay
1 - 21
 Keynotes & Roundtables
14-SEP-1516:30 - Roundtable "E-Change"Claudia Bremer, Roland Eisen; Moderator: Alexander Elsas
15-SEP-1516:00 - Keynote & Roundtable "Trade, Globalization and Development"Keynote: Sangeeta Khorana; Roundtable: Sangeeta Khorana, Lars Nilsson, Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso; Moderator: Celestino Suárez
17-SEP-1514:00HoFExtended Keynote "Alternative Banking"Reinhard H. Schmidt & Ilonka Rühle
18-SEP-1510:00 - Roundtable "Econometrics and Development"Ricardo Descalzi, Sophia Dimelis, Katarine Juselius, Horst Entorf; Moderator: Walter Robledo
04-SEP-1711:00-12:30D4 0.022Key Note lecture Peter Egger, ETH Zurich, and Filip Tarlea, Comparing Apples to Apples: Estimating Consistent Partial Effects of Preferential Economic Integration Agreements
05-SEP-1714:00-16:00building LC, room LC 2.400ROUND TABLE: “NEW TRADE POLICY STRATEGIES IN THE TRUMP AREA AND AFTER BREXIT"Jörg Wojahn, Head of of the European Commission in Austria: New trade policy strategy of the EU / European Commission

Maria Donner Abreu, Counsellor RTAs Section, TPRD, World Trade Organization: New trade policy strategies of LA countries

Ralf Kronberger, ‎Head of "Financial, Fiscal and Trade Policy" - ‎Austrian Federal Economic Chamber: Trade Policy Options of the EU – different views of EU member

Sangeeta Khorana, Economics Bournemouth University: Trade Policy Options of Emerging Markets/ India

Iain Begg, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science: EU trade policies and Brexit: changing interests, changing options?

 16:30-18:15 ROUND TABLE: “ARE WE HEADING FOR A NEW MONETARY ORDER AND NEW MONETARY POLICY REGIME?”Helene Schuberth, Head Foreign Research Division, Austrian Central Bank A decade after the crisis – monetary policy challenges in the euro area

Dubravko Mihaljek, Head of Macroeconomic Analysis, Bank for International Settlements Monetary policy and business investment recovery

Joshua Aizenman, University of Southern California The New Monetary Order and the Generalized Mundell-Fleming Trilemma

Matías Tapia, Senior Economist Central Bank of Chile Inflation targeting and flexible exchange rates in a small open economy

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13-SEP-1518:00 - Dinner & Get-together -
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 20:00 Ballroom Dancing Event with Caro featuring T. S. C. Phoenix -
16-SEP-1514:00 - Campus Westend & Frankfurt City TourPresentation by MLP, BAT, and city tour
17-SEP-1510:30 - Coffee break -
 12:30 Lunch at mensa -
 16:00 Coffee break -
 18:30 Evening Reception -
18-SEP-1513:00 - Bavarian LunchOfficial end of seminar
 16:00 Fitness Boxing -
19-SEP-15 - - Rhine Cruise -
04-SEP-1710:30-11:00 - coffee break -
 12:45-13:45 lunch at "The Campus"
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 19:00 dinner at restaurant “L' Osteria” (own charge) -
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 19:15 dinner at restaurant "Gasthof Zum Renner" on invitation of the Department of Economics, WU Nußdorferplatz 4 take U2 to “Schottentor”, then tramway D direction Nußdorf, stop Nußdorferplatz
06-SEP-1710:30-11:00 - coffee break -
 12:45-13:45 lunch at "The Campus" -
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 19:00 dinner at "Summerstage" on invitation of the Institute for International Economics, WU take U2 to Schottenring, then U4 direction Friedensbrücke, stop Roßauer Lände
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