20 Years of Arnoldshain Seminar
“20 Years of Challenges for Integration, Globalization, and Development”
September 14 – 18, 2015
Frankfurt and Arnoldshain / Taunus

Nelli, Rosanna    
AbstracttitleThe Coase Theorem
ShortabstractThe deterioration of the biosphere is a growing problem, especially since the Industrial Revolution. However, in this century, the destruction of the biosphere reaches its highest point: Almost the whole world is threatened by destruction. The extinction of the rainforests is paramount, since its destruction threatens life in our planet. One of the most outstanding economists in the issue of environmental protection and sustainable development was Ronald Coase, who created the famous “Coase Theorem” in 1960. After the creation of this theorem, there was a great production of critical literature, known at present as the "Coase Controverse". The aim of this work is the interpretation and discussion of the consequences of the use of the “Coase Theorem” and the focus is going to be on the socioeconomic characteristics of the countries that have rainforests in their national territories.